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Earth Like 81, AKA EL81, AKA Elation.
Earth Like 81 (Hereafter referred to as EL81) Is the third planet in the Doctor Fredrickson system. Fist colonized in 1681 (?) It was discovered to be the least earth like of all Earthlikes. That is, the planet itself is at the far edge of Fredrickson’s Habitable Zone, meaning that it has abnormally cold temperatures. Whats more, the oceanic plates completely surround and converge with the continental plates, forming a single continent, with volcanic coasts. These factors made most of the land on EL81 a tundra save for the coastlines (coniferous forest) and various island formations (specifics vary). This made EL81 only useful for being closer to human supporting than the 159 Near Earthlikes. Thus it’s population was relegated to mostly supporting the tourist business, and supporting themselves.

in 1705, the British East India Company took over, replacing only the upper echelons of the already existent government. Though largely not beneficial to the British East India Company (Hereafter referred to as BEIC)(who just wanted to be able to say that they owned and Earthlike) this drastically improved life on EL81. The BEIC moved many corporate offices to EL81 providing a new overly rich population (in addition to tourists) for the inhabitants to take care of (for a price). With the BEIC takeover, Corporate funds (and privet from the people who the BEIC moved in, and the already existing millionaire retirement population) went to improving EL81s infrastructure. Grav-Trains were constructed, space tethers erected, and a radio network (contracted from the English Empire, who monopolizes the technology) was established.

In 1767 disaster struck. The order of events are unclear, but somehow, the wormhole shutdown, and the shamblers appeared. The loss of instantaneous communication and travel with the rest of the nexus was devastating, but the stupid rotting cannibals, were worse. Within weeks, the population of EL81 dropped from almost 10 million, to less than 3 (million). Sometime also, the the lower levels (the ones unchanged my BEIC rule) of the EL81 government rose up and re-established their control. The reformed government commandeered the ISS (independent Star Ship) Great Sorrow (now christened the PIS (Peoples Inter-Stellar Ship) Elation) as, gathered half a million of their subjects, and took to orbit where they were safe from the shamblers.

The EL81 government is currently making treaties with the smaller (comparatively) downside villages. In exchange for energy (and to a certain extent sovereignty), the government will provide trade routes, protection, radio network service, and special boarding privileges. The Government plans to used the gathered energy to restart to wormhole. They apparently
don’t have enough.
End File

post steam apocolypse